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2017 Parent Survey

Parent and camper input over the years have been of value to Hurontario’s growth. Some excellent ideas, additions and suggestions stem from our annual survey.

Would you be so kind as to fill out this small survey so that we can have your valued input on the summer of 2017 – celebrating over 71 years seasons in camping? Thank you!

Welcome to your Hurontario Parent Survey 2017

Email Address
Son\'s name/Sons\' names
1) The Camp Registration process: Hurontario registers well over 95% of its campers online. We strive to make this process as easy and straightforward as possible for our parents. We work with a company known as CampBrain who are very professional and accommodating to our needs and requirements. How easy and efficient did you find the online registration process? Please let us know if there is something you think we should improve about the online registration process in the comment field.

2) Our final information package sent in late March to all registered families contains a Parent Handbook with travel details, clothing lists, summer address information etc. and also asks all registered parents to go back online and fill in important details such as travel, cabin mate requests, clothing lists etc. Please rate this process and suggest any changes:

3) Parent visits are very important. Last summer there was one day designated for visiting if your son was at camp for 3.5 weeks. Visits for 2 week/Intro campers are on the boys’ arrival & departure days. Please rate our current visiting system:

4) Although it may be difficult to always have the counselor of the group in camp during the visitors weekend, we do try to assure that parents will meet their child’s counselor. How important is it to meet your son’s counselor on visitor’s day?
5) What changes, if any, would you suggest to assure the bestvisiting day for both parents and campers?
6) Food - a very important aspect of any camp! Hurontario prides itself on providing wholesome, plentiful and yummy food. From what you have heard from your campers, please rate our food this past summer:

7) Were there any areas of our food planning which you would like to see changed or to which we should add? Any food ideas are really appreciated.
8) Medical Services at Hurontario are provided by the camp Doctor/Nurse, whom the boys visit after meals as needed. This service is:
9) Please make any suggestions on how we can improve our health and medical facilities at Hurontario for your son.
10) If a camper is sick and needs to spend time removed from his group & activities, parents in 2017 were emailed. This is included parental contact if a camper is removed from camp. Is this adequate contact?

11) Communications: Hurontario keeps in touch in the following ways: (and being unplugged where communication by conversation, the written word, in song and play is our way!)

  • A letter at the start of each session to parents of campers who are enjoying their first session at Hurontario.

  • Online Newsletters/Facebook/ throughout the season

  • Phone calls from camp by a Director as required

  • Reunion time in the city

  • A final letter home from the counsellor

How would you rate our communication with you as a parent throughout your son’s time with us?

12) The Post Office is where the boys charge camp items: stamps, fishing gear, biodegradables. This year, we had parents order camp clothing and then the campers picked this up at camp where it had been labeled with indelible laundry pens. Camp clothing was also available at the post office in limited supplies for those who didn't order ahead. Did you pre-order clothing in 2017?
13) What camp clothing does your son like to purchase through camp?
14) Please suggest any additions or changes to make purchase of Hurontario’s clothing more efficient.
15) Are there any additional items which you would like us to have available at the camp Post Office?
16) Skills: Hurontario offers a wide range of programs including an extensive tripping program. We are very proud of the skill levels which our campers attain. Also, tripping to areas a distance away from camp provide amazing adventures for our campers which they otherwise might never take.

Which of our many programs does your son most enjoy? (sailing, canoeing, rock climbing, art, crafts, shooting etc.)
17) Were there any programs that he was less fond of and could you tell us why?
18) Did your son do a trip with this past summer?
19) If your son went on a trip this summer,  please comment on his stories of the trip, what he learned, his enthusiasm etc. for tripping.
20) Please add any thoughts about our tripping program which would be helpful in continuing to provide the best tripping experience for your son.
21) Do you have any further thoughts to share with us? Your helpful comments are greatly appreciated as we continue to grow and assure our campers and their families the best camping experience. Thank you for any other additional comments which you might like to add.