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3-week Canoe Trips

Again this summer, Hurontario will be offering the truly most amazing two trips for those campers who are 15, 16 and 17.

The Hood River

Hood River Trip - Camp Hurontario 2016

With its entire length located north of the Arctic Circle, Nunavut’s Hood River offers trippers a unique look at one of Canada’s most remote regions, the Barrenlands. Campers canoe through treeless vistas populated by caribou, muskoxen, grizzly bear, wolves and a huge variety of birds, including the majestic peregrine falcon. Add to this some amazing whitewater, the incomparable Wilberforce Falls, and some of the best fishing the country has to offer, and you’ve got a recipe for the trip of a lifetime.

The Moisie River

Moisie River trip - Camp Hurontario 2017

This is a river which is often referred to as “The Nahanni of the East” and is renowned as one of Canada’s premier wilderness rivers, featuring mind-blowing scenery and heart-pumping rapids as it cascades through steep canyons to the St. Lawrence River outside of Sept Isles in eastern Quebec. Trippers travel three days by van to Labrador City before paddling for three weeks south through Quebec to the St. Lawrence River. The fishing is amazing (the Moisie is a world-class Atlantic salmon river), the campsites are fabulous and the white water paddling is unparalleled.

If you are interested in learning more about these trips, please contact the camp office. We will be holding an information meeting in early November (date to be decided). At this meeting, we will go over dates, cost, leaders, travel, and any questions you may have. Photos from past trips will also be on display! Come and discover what these amazing trips have to offer.