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3 1/2 Week Session

Our 3 1/2 week session is for campers aged 7 through 16. Three and a half weeks allows campers the time to try all of the activities offered, and to acquire good levels of skill in the sports offered. With the 3 1/2 week session, we are not constantly moving campers in and out; hence, the group is not continually being interrupted. We also offer a fine tripping program which requires the extra time. It takes time for campers to adjust to camp life, and new friends. We feel that the 3 1/2 week session offers the best opportunity to gain independence, self-reliance and social skills.

July Session:

  • Saturday, June 30 to Tuesday, July 24, 2018

August Session:

  • Saturday, July 28 to Tuesday, August 21, 2018