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Arts & Crafts

Art Program

Hurontario has a long history of landscape artists. Many famous Canadian artists, including A.Y. Jackson, David Blackwood and more recently John Hartman, have come to the camp for the classic Georgian Bay scenery which the Group of Seven made famous.

Campers have the choice of charcoal sketching, watercolours, acrylics and more. Aspiring artists can search by canoe for the perfect vista to fill their canvas. Young campers creative artwork such as murals, 3-D woodcuts, and pottery each summer decorate the dining hall.


Did you ever think you could make your own paddle? How about building a CD rack, bird house or a group sign for the cabin? At Hurontario’s fully-equipped woodworking shop you can design and build just about anything you want. A highly-skilled instructor is there to teach you how to use the tools you need to bring home a project of which you can be proud.

Silkscreening & Tie-dyeing

Do you have a favourite sports team or cartoon character? Take home a t-shirt specially designed by you with the help of our talented instructors. Or head to one of the camp islands for some cliff-jumping and rice-krispie squares as you tie-dye your personalized shirt!