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Canoe Trips for Campers 8-12

Camp Hurontario has always been well known for its excellent, progressive canoe tripping program. Campers 8-11 will have the opportunity to take Bay trips in the area around the camp where we offer canoe trips in the Massassauga Wildlands Provincial Park, which costs a small registration fee for camper and staff entering the Park. For campers 12-16, Camp Hurontario offers trips in eight different regions of Northern Ontario and in Northern Quebec.

2016 Canoe Trips for Campers 11-12

tripping1The Hartley Bay Loop

Campers trip for 5-7 days on the Pickerel River, which is north of Parry Sound off Highway 400.  The trip encompasses travel both on the River itself and travel on protected areas of the Bay. The Pickerel River trip travels through beautiful scenic areas dotted with old fishing camps. With several arms of the river to travel, the Pickerel River offers excellent, safe tripping. This trip is reached after a boat trip and van ride from the camp.

The French River

Historically famous as part of the trip route which the Courier de Bois paddled, this trip involves both travel on the French and the interesting Little French River.  An excellent trip of five to seven days’ length, this trip offers exciting travel on the river itself with few people in its upper reaches. This trip involves a boat and van ride to and from camp.