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Canoe Trips for Campers 13-14

North CampThe North Camp (11 Days, approx.)

Over 40 years ago, Hurontario purchased a fishing camp on Lake Windemere in the Chapleau Game Preserve. From this northern outpost, senior campers experience an amazing tripping adventure on lakes filled with wildlife, great fishing and still untouched by the outside world. The campers travel by boat, then van to Chapleau and finally by train to Lake Windemere – a trip that takes a full day and in itself is an adventure! At the North camp, there are many routes from which to choose. The campers and staff discuss their route choices thoroughly before leaving main camp. Senior campers who have taken these trips say this highlights their stay at Camp Hurontario!

We are able to send four trips each month to the North Camp, which is decided by the equipment needs of these trips plus the space available at the North Camp. We will do our best to assure all 14 year olds a trip out of the North Camp.