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Challenge Program

Challenge ropesRopes Adventure Challenge

Helmet on, harness checked, up rope? Get ready to experience the challenge of climbing the Vertical Playground or the thrill of crossing the 35-foot-high Multi-vine. Cheered on by your cabinmates and belayed by our skilled instructor, feel the rush of successfully completing these challenges.

Eight challenging low-rope elements are perfect for building team skills. You and your cabinmates will work together to cross the Mohawk walk, climb the fidget ladder, or navigate the “portal of death”(it’s just a name, folks!). Then, head to the beach for a swim in the clear waters of Georgian Bay.

Rock Climbing

climbing wallThe Wall

Built for campers of all ages, our 35-foot climbing wall offers two exciting routes to the top and a challenging overhang. Find the right holds; scale the wall; feel the rush of reaching the summit!

The Zip Line

Once you reach the summit, Hurontario’s instructor will clip you in for the ride of a lifetime! Feel the rush of riding the 250-foot zipline through the trees as your friends cheer you on.

Free Wall

What better place than the rocky cliffs of Georgian Bay to experience true climbing? Harnessed in and guided by our skilled instructor, climb your way up one of the many exciting routes to the top.