View of Camp Hurontario waterfront with dock and cabins in background

Camp Hurontario’s spectacular location in the Thirty Thousand Islands of Georgian Bay (only two hours from Toronto) offers the ideal setting for a wide range of outdoor summer activities.

The camp is located on an island surrounded by over 300 acres of mainland and island property in Twelve Mile Bay. The main island houses all of the buildings and land-based activities, such as rock climbing, ropes and archery. The protected waters around the camp islands are ideal for swimming, kayaking and windsurfing, and the bigger winds of Twelve Mile Bay are great for sailing.

In addition to the camp-owned property, Hurontario is situated close to some of the islands of the Georgian Bay Islands National Park, which further enhance our fishing, biology and arts programs by providing us access to superb, untouched natural scenery and abundant wildlife.


Depending on their age, our campers are accommodated in one of three sections of the camp. Each section is home to well-spaced wooden cabins that house up to eight campers split between two rooms.

Each camper has his own bed and shelving space (no bunkbeds!), and a spot on the rack to hang his canoe paddle from. Each cabin comes with a porch and well-screened windows to ensure bug-free nights.

All cabin areas are close to a washroom. They are a combination of outhouses and flushing toilets. The latter are fitted with electric lights and sinks, and the former have handwashing stations situated nearby.

Counselling staff reside nearby the camper cabins, spread between the three sections of the camp. Their location is made known to the campers, and they are available throughout the night to assist campers if needed.

Dining Hall

Our beautiful dining hall is the central hub of the camp. While the large kitchen and bakery has been continually updated over the years, the furniture is all original — a testament to how well our campers respect and take care of their camp’s facilities.

Campers enjoy three nutritious and varied meals a day while eating family style with their cabin group.

The ceiling beams are decorated with wise words from our leaders-in-training, and the walls are covered in camp artifacts and plaques celebrating past campers’ achievements.

The dining hall also doubles as a party room for special events and a space to gather for games and sing-songs on rare rainy days.

Recreation Hall

The rec hall is also centrally situated. It’s perfect for hosting rainy day events, movie nights, games nights, and musical performances. Its large stage, sound and lighting system, and well-stocked costume cupboard have inspired many fantastic skits, plays, and concerts.

Medical Center

“Club Med”, as it is affectionately called, houses our residential nurse practitioner during the summer. Its practice room is stocked with all the medical supplies we could ever think to need, as well as a comfy sofa if your son wants to come in for a chat. Just across from Club Med is our infirmary bay, where campers can stay overnight to be monitored by the nurse if they fall ill while at camp.

Read more about medical care at camp


Our unique island setting has allowed for a huge variety of waterfront areas to be cleared or constructed over the camp’s history.

During their stay at camp, campers can enjoy two major swim areas, suited for different abilities, complete with junior and senior dive towers and diving boards – perfect for morning polar bear dips!

The sandy bay around the back of the island is perfect for playing mudball or soccer when the water level is low, and the rock climbing and ropes course site also share their own sandy beach, where campers can play in the shallow waters and build sandcastles.

We launch our canoes from the various different beaches and docks around the island, but campers usually leave and ceremoniously return to the main beach when taking part in the canoe trip program. The main beach is home to our canoe trip room and office, where campers can learn how to pack for trips under the guidance of the tripping director.

The various pools and bays around the island are perfect for hosting canoe or kayak lessons while doubling as fantastic sites for spotting the local wildlife.