Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, in the main buildings. Camper cabins also have electricity as do all the washrooms.

Hurontario has a no-electronics policy. Items which are inappropriate for camp include cell phones, iPods, electronic games, laptops and e-readers (though we like to see paperbacks tucked into their bags). Under no circumstances is the Camp responsible for the loss of such items. Any of these items brought to camp will be stored in the camp office and returned to campers before departure for home.

Approximately 2:1

Please send letters and postcards to your camper! Please be aware that postal service to camp may be slower than in the city and allow for extra time for mail to arrive. Sending a first letter or postcard before your son leaves for camp will ensure that he receives something early on. Give your son a supply of pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelopes, paper and pens for writing home. Campers are not permitted to call home and parents should not phone and request to speak with a camper

Because some campers have serious allergies, Hurontario is unable to accept any parcels by mail. Letters included with a food parcel risk being lost. The camp is unable to hold or return any food parcels. Also, food must not be left after parent visits as cabin mates may have allergies of which visiting parents may be unaware. Please assist us in this issue of potentially life-threatening importance.


Please do NOT send money to camp with your son – Hurontario cannot be responsible for money brought to camp. All travelling expenses, trip costs, purchases while at camp etc., will go on the camper’s account. In addition to stamps, the Camp Store is stocked with biodegradable toiletries, water bottles, insect repellent, flashlights, batteries, sweatshirts, fishing tackle, etc. This account will be billed along with travel expenses at the end of each session. A reasonable Camp Store limit (excluding a fishing spinning outfit, pre-ordered clothing and travel costs) would be $150.00.

The $300 registration fee is non-refundable. If a camper must be withdrawn from the camp for medical reasons (supported by a doctor’s letter), a partial refund will be made up to June 1st. After June 1st, the Camp reserves the right to retain final payment. However, the camp will endeavour to minimize a family’s financial loss in such circumstances. There will be no refund for campers withdrawn for misconduct or for breaking camp policy.

For sure! Campers can request to be with a friend. As a big part of coming to camp is to make new and special camp friends, we ask that only one cabin mate be requested.

Yes, typically all campers go on a canoe trip as a cabin group.

Hurontario’s philosophy of group living in a non-competitive environment develops life -long skills in our campers. Our outdoor camping environment provides an opportunity for each camper to become more independent, self-confident and gain a better understanding of himself. Living with a group of peers, campers learn to become more responsible, tolerant, and co-operative; traits which cannot be developed to the same degree at a summer cottage. While at Hurontario, campers will have opportunity to build a better sense of sportsmanship while gaining confidence in himself without the constant presence of his parents.

Six to eight.

There is actually much less homesickness than one would imagine, for as soon as a camper arrives at Hurontario he is very quickly integrated with his cabin group and with the program at camp. For some, the first few nights in a new environment might be difficult, but the counsellors will be with their cabins doing their utmost to help a new camper into the regular routine of Hurontario. We also have a team of 4 directors, all former campers and counsellors, who can also assist a camper who might be feeling homesick to overcome the issue. We are proud that in all our summers in camping, we seldom have had instances of homesickness where a camper returns home before the end of his time at the camp. It also helps if parents do not allow their children an “out clause;” camp is full of challenges to overcome and telling your son they can come home if they don’t like it, doesn’t help anyone.

Hurontario’s counsellors are all home grown. Most range in age from 17 to 22 and are university students. Counsellors-in-Training are typically 16.

Hurontario has a couple of traditional happenings on Sunday that have been part of camp life for many summers and are what our alumni often recall as some of the best times at camp! They include Sleep in Sundays; Baker’s Breakfast of all home made goods such as croissants, muffins, danishes and then our Reflections at Flag Pole after our Sunday buffet supper outdoors out on the point!

Parents are welcome to visit camp and we encourage them to do so. Typically we have one visitors’ day per month. Due to trip schedules, Hurontario is unable to assure all parents with tripping age campers a visit. Visitors to camp should bring a picnic (peanut, nut free) and a bathing suit. Visiting time is between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. As opening and closing days are very busy, parent visits cannot be accommodated on these days.

No electronics: no iPods, cell phones, or game machines. Actually, these are okay on the bus, or plane ride, but they’ll be locked in the camp safe upon arrival. No cell phones are permitted, even for use as a camera. Campers should not bring highly valuable items, such as expensive watches, heirloom pocket knives, expensive clothes or sunglasses. Knives are not permitted. No need to worry about sending extra food, we have plenty and they eat well on trips.

Traditional or digital cameras, binoculars, books, canoe paddles, sunglasses, fishing rods, journals. Check our packing list – it is pretty complete.

Passports, birth certificates, airline tickets, wallets and other documents will be put in an envelope and placed in our safe at the camp office for the summer. If you drop your son at camp personally, you may leave those items in the office safe.

This is a great question, as staff and campers alike really enjoy Hurontario’s rainy day programs. As we have lots of space indoors for everyone to stay dry, everything from bingo in the dining hall rotated with indoor regatta games in our Rec Hall, to leather craft, art, and silk screening are but a few of the activities we all enjoy. And what could be better than table games and a big sing along at meal times? But best of all, if it is a ‘silver day’ (our founder Birnie Hodgett’s expression for just a few sprinkles and clouds), we all head out to activities!