Great news from Camp Hurontario!

Building on our amazing success this past summer, we are really excited that our 2022 registrations are now underway.

Looking back on our 2021 season, it was obviously a very different camping season for Hurontario, as we dealt with the realities of the pandemic’s social distancing requirements, masks, vaccination limitations and testing challenges. We also faced unanticipated late transportation and staging area issues, but thanks to our incredibly flexible and versatile staff we were able to rise to the occasion and creatively meet those challenges.

Our major “pivot” to one week family camps was met with tremendous support from many Hurontario alumni families, as well as a host of new families to whom the news of our new family camps quickly spread. In addition to our amazing family camp weeks we also enjoyed a two week special session for vaccinated 12 to 14 year old campers. That option also filled overnight

In addition, we were able to maintain our long established whitewater tradition by sending off two groups of senior campers in each of July and August on special trips on the Dumoine and Coulonge Rivers.

Given vaccination limitations then in place, we were unable to offer spots to all our previous year’s campers in 2021, but we are really excited at the prospects of doing so in 2022! 

Looking back, it is obvious that much of our success last year was due to the adaptability and commitment of our great Hurontario staff. We never ceased to be impressed by how they all stepped up to the challenge and morphed into excellent family camp counsellors, much to the delight of our family camp parents and campers.

Hurontario 2021 provided a wide range of our traditional activities to our full contingent of amazing new camper families and alumni families who brought their energy and enthusiasm to everything they did. Musical performances and skit-making brought out everyone’s creative side, delighting and entertaining the entire camp. It really was a blast!

And now we are looking forward to a full return to camp as Hurontario plans for its 75th year! We are so pleased to have had so much support from so many this past summer. We thank you all enormously, and we look forward enthusiastically to 2022!