Our Philosophy

Hurontario’s unique small-group philosophy and non-competitive atmosphere has long built self-confidence, strong team skills and lasting friendships. Our “woodsy” approach teaches environmental ethics and provides skills necessary to live in the great outdoors.

Campers create their own program through a unique democratic process. Cabin groups decide amongst themselves which activities to request for their schedule – a more flexible approach to learning than that of a school setting. This process teaches social skills, decision-making abilities, and encourages campers to pursue their preferred interests. No day at Hurontario is ever the same!

Camp Hurontario’s philosophy sees our groups (a counsellor, counsellor-in-training, and 6 to 8 campers) stay together all day long throughout the entire session. Sharing a cabin, eating meals together, and taking part in their daily activities as a team ensures the campers’ development of strong personal skills and great friendships.

With this special philosophy, Hurontario is able to balance the development of personal and activity-based skills as our campers grow to be our future leaders.

Our Facilities

Camp Hurontario’s spectacular location in the Thirty Thousand Islands of Georgian Bay (only two hours from Toronto) offers the ideal setting for a wide range of outdoor summer activities.

The camp is located on over 300 acres of mainland and island property in Twelve Mile Bay. The main island houses all of the buildings and land-based activities, such as rock climbing, ropes and archery. The protected waters around the camp islands are ideal for swimming, kayaking and windsurfing, and the bigger winds of Twelve Mile Bay are great for sailing.

In addition to the camp-owned property, Hurontario is situated close to some of the islands of the Georgian Bay Islands National Park, which further enhance our fishing, biology and arts programs.