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Cabin groupHurontario’s unique small-group philosophy and non-competitive atmosphere has long built self-confidence, strong team skills and lasting friendships. Our “woodsy” approach teaches environmental ethics and provides skills necessary to live in the great outdoors.

Campers create programme through a unique democratic process, which teaches social skills and decision-making ability. Hurontario’s extraordinary natural setting and distinctive philosophy builds lifelong friendships and future leaders.

Hurontario - sailingCamp Hurontario’s philosophy sees our groups (a counsellor, counsellor-in-training, and 6 to 8 campers) stay together all day long throughout the entire summer. Furthermore, our small groups and non-competitive atmosphere provides an opportunity for a more flexible approach to learning than that of a school setting. Through this flexibility, boys from all over the world are able to develop strong personal skills, great friendships and a wonderful sense of community. Campers are encouraged to provide input into the program, so that no day at Hurontario is ever the same. With this special philosophy, Hurontario is able to balance the development of personal and activity-based skills as our campers grow to be our future leaders.