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Privacy Policy

Camp Hurontario collects personal information about its campers. We do so to enable us to communicate with our campers and to care for them.  Information is collected through the completion of registration, health and other forms, such as cabin mate requests, activity interests and parent communications.

All of the information collected is kept in our locked offices and in our secure electronic database. It is used for our planning and organizational purposes and for communications with staff members in order that campers’ needs may be met. Staff members are contractually required to adhere to our privacy policy.

Camper contact information is used for distributing our newsletters, providing information on camper reunions and camper parties and for other future communications with our campers.

Consistent with our program emphasis on developing people skills and lasting friendships, we do distribute camper contact information to other campers and staff, unless a camper, parent or guardian chooses to direct us not to do so.  Camper information is not otherwise disclosed to employees or to any third party without the consent of the camper’s parent or guardian.

Our camper information is never sold or otherwise distributed to third parties. Each camper, parent or guardian is entitled to the details of such camper’s information and, on written request, to require us to modify any such information.

Camper information may be retained by us for at least two years after a camper no longer registers or after a camper becomes, and continues on as, a staff member, or for such longer period as required to comply with any applicable legislation.