Intro Camp
Two Week Session
Three Week Session

Intro Camp

An introductory camp for boys Ages 5 to 8 in July/August

  • 7-day program
  • A full and adventure-filled program
  • A chance to break into camping easily
  • Parent visit, a tour and lunch on the final day.

If you would like to talk with a parent whose boy attended the Intro Camp, we will be pleased to give you a phone number.

2 Week Session

Our two week program is in response to interest from some, but not all, 7-13 year old campers. Campers 7-13 can still choose to register for our full session in either July or August. Our last two week session in August (Session D) is also open to 7-16 year olds. Space for the two week programs in both July and August is limited.

3 1/2 Week Session

Our 3 1/2 week session is for campers aged 7 through 16. Three and a half weeks allows campers the time to try all of the activities offered, and to acquire good levels of skill in the sports offered. With the 3 1/2 week session, we are not constantly moving campers in and out; hence, the group is not continually being interrupted. We also offer a fine tripping program which requires the extra time. It takes time for campers to adjust to camp life, and new friends. We feel that the 3 1/2 week session offers the best opportunity to gain independence, self-reliance and social skills.

Leadership Program

If a camper is 15 or turns 15 while at camp, he will be involved in our leadership-in-training program. This program, which has many facets, offers senior campers an opportunity to begin to work with younger campers, to organize camp activities, and to work on their own skills in preparation for becoming a staff member the next summer if the camper is successful in the leadership program. Please register your 15-year-old camper now so he can take advantage of this excellent program. It is very beneficial and teaches leadership skills for both city and camp life.

See our Dates & Rates page for current dates and registration information.