I want to thank you for such a tremendous week at Hurontario. Having the chance to expose my kids to the best camp on earth was so amazing. Your staff were absolutely fantastic hosts for the kids. They were always engaged and eager to coach/motivate them into trying the activities. My wife was amazed at the fine young men they are. They show empathy, integrity, confidence, and leadership. They are fantastic role models for the kids. We very much appreciated aligning the programming within our group. The Kids made fast friends with each other.

It was special for me to go back to a place where I have so many memories and where I met some of my best friends. The island, the bay, the people make Hurontario like no other place. You shape the lives of so many people. It really is remarkable. Even after all these years it is tough to say goodbye. I have been looking at pictures all weekend. 

We were so grateful for all the staff, especially Big Charlie (as my son calls Fish), Etienne, Jasper, Henry, Dylan, Simon, Luke (who was able to get Charlie to smile!), AJ – who carried Georgia around all week! These fine young men met every day with huge smiles and enthusiasm. They taught our kids new skills and had lots of fun with them. They made the week absolutely wonderful for our entire family. 

Thank you again.

– Georgia, Charlie, Katie, Robbie

Hi Polly,

Now that the summer of 2021 at Hurontario is behind you, I wanted to tell you that you are amazing. I well remember being with our daughter when she got your email that camp as planned was cancelled. The consternation and disappointment was palpable. That fact that you pivoted from that low point to where our three grandsons came back from camp at the end of August saying “it was the best summer ever” is an incredible testament to you and what you accomplished. 

The last couple of years have obviously been very stressful for you and Don but to end the summer with high praise from three of your staff couldn’t be a better indication of what you pulled off! Congratulations!!

– Judy 

Thanks again for a wonderful week at Camp Hurontario family camp. From the jam-packed program to the delicious food, your entire team did an amazing job!

William had the best camp experience he could hope for this summer. Hutch and Etienne were fantastic! They were incredible role models for him.

– Kirsten and Paul

We picked up our son Alistair (Ally) from camp today and as we suspected, the time flew by all too quickly for him. Of course we wish it could have been a usual session, but we are so thankful that he was still able to have a camp experience this summer. The opportunity to be with friends, have fun, be outdoors, learn and practice skills, is so valuable. He had wonderful things to say about his CIT and counsellor – I remember as a camper once myself how much I looked up to counsellors as an example to aspire to. We hope with all our hearts that Ally will be back for a month next summer, with his little brother in tow for intro camp!Please pass along our thanks to all of your staff for the energy, good food, mentorship and fun they provided. .

Jaimie (and Billy)

Heading to Hurontario is the best way to spend a summer! Whether on a canoe trip in Labrador, sailing on the Georgian Bay, or watching a sunset with your friends, camp allowed me to develop life skills that I simply couldn’t have found anywhere else. At camp I met some of my closest friends, gained confidence in who I am, and developed a deep appreciation for the outdoors. Every day I use the leadership skills, resiliency, and interpersonal abilities that I developed as a camper and counsellor at Hurontario. Best of all, my days at Hurontario were some of the most fun and memorable that I’ve had. I am so grateful for all that camp has done in making me the individual I am today.

– George Phelp

My name is David Buckley and I’m a 16 year old incoming CIT. I’ve been at camp Hurontario for the last 9 summers and loved every second of all those summers. When my mom first asked if I wanted to go to camp as a 7 year old boy I didn’t know what to think. And then she mentioned canoeing, sailing, and archery. Let’s just say I was hooked. After my first summer, it quickly became the highlight of my year, which is why I’ve gone back every summer. A key aspect of my enjoyment at camp is the incredible staff and leadership team that work tirelessly to ensure we are always safe and in good spirits while enjoying the beauty of Georgian bay and the fun of camp. Camp Hurontario has truly shaped me into the young man I am today and I’m forever grateful for the experiences I gained at Camp Hurontario. I hope to see you on the bay next summer.

– David Buckley

I had the pleasure of working at Hurontario from the ages 16 to 21, and can wholeheartedly say that the experience has provided me with numerous lifelong friends in both campers and staff, many challenges and educational experiences, and an immense love and respect for the outdoors. In an environment where staff and campers alike often return summer after summer, the relationships I was fortunate to create were built on many years of like-minded enjoyment of the remarkable setting of the Georgian Bay and the amazing activities and canoe trips at Hurontario. Increased responsibility year after year on staff always challenged me as I was able to learn and grow from new obstacles and challenges which arose. My fondest memories from Hurontario were on canoe trips, creating lifelong bonds with one another and witnessing character growth in campers and staff alike as we enjoyed and combated the unpredictability of Canada’s wilderness. Hurontario has had a positive impact on all aspects of my life and I will always look forward to visiting in the summers.

– Cam Smith

Hurontario has been a key part of our extended family for decades. My brothers and my husband all grew up at the camp, now followed by our two sons and my nephews. The back to nature, rustic approach of Hurontario is exactly the break our boys need every summer from screen-filled city living. The confidence and resilience Hurontario builds in boys is exceptional, fostered by the excellent tripping program and all the opportunities to develop independence and maturity. They have developed skills, friendships and wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

– Catherine Graham (parent)