Land Activities

Hurontario offers a huge range of land-based activities designed to celebrate each individual camper’s interests while offering the opportunity to challenge one’s limits in a supportive, non-competitive setting.

Rock Climbing

Built for campers of all ages, our 35-foot climbing wall offers many exciting routes to the top and a challenging overhang. Campers learn to find the right holds and scale the wall to feel the rush of reaching the summit!

The Zip Line

Once you reach the summit of the climbing wall, Hurontario’s instructors can clip campers in for the ride of a lifetime on our 250-foot zipline through the trees.

The Free Wall

The rocky cliffs of Georgian Bay also offer the option to experience natural outdoor climbing. Harnessed in and guided by our skilled instructors, campers can work out which route to the top suits them best.

Ropes Adventure Challenge

Hurontario campers get to experience the challenge of climbing the Vertical Playground or the thrill of crossing the 35-foot-high multi-vine, while being cheered on by cabin mates and belayed by our skilled instructors.

Eight challenging low-rope elements are perfect for building team skills. Cabin mates work together to cross the Mohawk walk, climb the fidget ladder, or navigate the “portal of death” (it’s just a name, folks!).


Camp Hurontario’s biology program offers campers of all ages the opportunity to explore and learn about the natural environment witha very hands on, fun- filled approach. Everything from turtle catching, to bird watching, to finding frogs and salamanders in our inland lakes is part of every day life at camp. With two full time biologists on staff and an environment protected from development, Hurontario campers take home an understanding and appreciation of what the outdoors is all about.


The camp is well equipped with traditional and compound bows, as well as crossbows with scopes. Our range can be adjusted for the experienced archer, as well as those new to the sport to ensure everyone hits a bulls-eye!


Hurontario has a long history of landscape artists. Many famous Canadian artists, including A.Y. Jackson, David Blackwood and more recently John Hartman, have come to the camp for the classic Georgian Bay scenery which the Group of Seven made famous.

Campers have the choice of charcoal sketching, watercolours, acrylics and more. Aspiring artists can search by canoe for the perfect vista to fill their canvas. Creative artwork by our campers, such as murals, 3-D woodcuts, and pottery decorate the dining hall every summer.


At Hurontario’s fully-equipped woodworking shop, campers can design and build just about anything, from paddles to birdhouses, to carved signs. A highly-skilled instructor is there to teach campers how to use the tools safely and effectively, to create projects they’ll be proud to bring home.

Silkscreening & Tie-dyeing

A highly popular activity at Hurontario is designing and silkscreening a personal t-shirt with the help of our talented instructors. In addition to learning the silkscreen process, it’s an opportunity to create a unique, personal and wearable keepsake, complete with a favourite saying, design or maybe a sports team or cartoon. Heading to one of the camp islands for some cliff-jumping and Rice Krispie squares to tie-dye personalized shirts is another popular option.


Hurontario offers campers an opportunity to bring their guitars, violins, recorders and other musical instruments to camp. During their stay, talented staff bring the campers with musical interests together in our Recreational Hall for evening jam sessions. These are hugely popular, and at the end of each three and a half week session, there is a wonderful music concert held in the camp dining hall.