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Special Events

Special Events of 2015

Staff members posing enthusiasticallyThe Epic Canadian Meal  – How! How! Chef Doug

I bet every camper who was in the dining hall the night of our famous Canuck meal, one of Chef Doug’s most amazing dinners, will still remember what we ate.

Campers and staff dressed for the crazy meal (red and white, plaid, toques, hockey jerseys etc.) which all added to the fun. But so you can recall just how good the meal was check out the menu once again :

Campers and counsellor smiling around tableHomemade milkshakes ( chocolate, natch!) Homemade burgers with cheese and bacon
Homemade French Fries
Apple crisp for dessert

Then a hilarious game of musical chairs topped off the amazing meal before everyone headed to the Rec Hall for movie night!

Hurontario Olympics

Campers flexing at camp olympic eventEveryone was gathered on the Flagpole and Bruce rocks eagerly awaiting for the Olympic torch to arrive. Darkness was falling and the night was very still. Then out on Camp Bay, a torch appeared and was slowly paddled to the t-dock to light our Hurontario flame. “Let the Games Begin,” was heard across Camp Bay and fireworks lit the evening sky as we all headed home to get ready for Hurontario’s Olympiad the next day.

Campers and counsellor parading with american flagThe next morning, teams took part in diving, sailing races, rock climbing feats, mud ball games and kayak races and many more events. Lunch was exciting, as the scores soon indicated it was a close race between the countries and that the afternoon would be filled with keen participation by all team members wanting their country to win!

At supper, as the national anthems played, each country’s flag was proudly paraded into the dining hall. Bringing up the rear, as winners of the Hurontario Olympics, was the USA! Only held in August, the 2015 Olympics were once again an incredible event! Everyone showed great sportsmanship and all went home with an Olympic medal to celebrate the true spirit of the games. We can’t wait to celebrate the 2016 Hurontario Olympic Games next August!

Casino Night in the Rec Hall

Campers playing black jackThe Casino is open! Out went the call for all those in camp to come to the Rec Hall after supper to join in the fun of Hurontario’s Casino night. While the mighty Hall side groups were out eating on the rocks on their canoe trips, Hurontario’s Hamelin and Bruce sides had the hilarious fun of participating in a Casino Games night. With equipment ready to go and piles of chips at the door, campers and staff alike arrived keen and ready to try their luck at the games!

With the big wheels of Crown and Anchor and Over Under, a fast paced game of Roulette and several Black Jack tables, the Rec Hall indeed looked like a mini Casino. Everyone collected their bundle of chips at the door, and then off each camper went to try their luck at the tables. It only took about 10 minutes before the noise level was high and laughter filled the casino. Campers loved the Blackjack tables as they hoped to see a winning 21 turn up under their cards. Soon everyone’s pockets were filled with chips!

Campers playing rouletteAfter several hours of games, the pitmasters declared the Casino closed for business. To everyone’s delight, we all then headed to Flag Pole Point where, thanks to our amazing baker, Emily, everyone was treated to the most delicious baked goodies – two for everyone! Guitars joined in on the fun and, after all the goodies were consumed, the group headed to their cabins for teethbrushing time and a chance to reflect together on what a great day it had been!

Campstock 2015

Camper singing and playing guitarTowards the end of each three and a half week session, the camp island begins to rock with the heavy beat of drums, electric guitars, crashing piano keys and loud strains of rock and roll songs and this summer, amid the hot weather, the talented Green Day and Nickelback brought their tour to Camp Island and our Campstock rock and roll concert!

American punk rockers Green Day, rocked the dock as headliners in July. Lead singer and guitarist (who looked suspiciously like Jake Boyle) was ably backed up by Russ Marston, Quinn Pow and Dylan Robinson. One mad, crazed fan tried to get on the dock only to be stopped by security and hustled off into the water to cool off. Throughout the show, many talented musicians set the tone for the lead band’s arrival. Bands such as The Eagles and One Republic should all be congratulated for an amazing evening of entertainment.

Camper playing violin in wigAugust brought Canadian rockers Nickleback, who caused a huge commotion on their arrival. Before they performed, our very own camper and staff bands including The Black Keys and Nirvana warmed up the audience. Nickleback rocked the t-dock with many of their classics and even ended their show with a huge sing-along by the audience. What a night!

Campstock was once again a highlight of the summer. A huge shout out to all the performers and fans – and get ready for an even more rockin’ Campstock in 2016!